DEMA utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce maps and conduct analysis which aids in the examination of specific areas of land. Our mapping team ensures our reports are accompanied by high-quality maps and figures, including historical surveys, historical air photos, and GIS-made maps. Good mapping is vital to enhancing our understanding of land. Our clients and partners benefit not only from DEMA’s high-quality visuals, but also from our mapping team’s GIS knowledge in providing analyses applicable to valuing and investigating lands.

DEMA’s mapping database contains abundant data to review various characteristics of land, specifically: location, topography, satellite imagery, Canada Lands Inventory (CLI) data for agriculture, forestry, ungulates, etc., and new data is consistently being added in order to obtain an accurate perspective of project lands. 

DEMA is skilled at historical air photo analysis, from choosing which photos to purchase, to georeferencing the photos and completing further analyses, including area calculations and land use studies.

As a member of the Indigenous Mapping Collective, DEMA values the expansive knowledge Indigenous nations and communities have when it comes to their land. DEMA regularly uses maps when holding Elder and community meetings to better understand the landscape as seen through an Indigenous lens.